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High-speed single-row cylindrical roller bearings

Vysokorychlostní válečkové ložisko jednořadé
The ROBUST series of high-speed cylindrical roller bearings has been developed for high-speed applications such as machine tool spindles. These bearings have an optimised inner ring shape that increases their robustness.
These come with two types of cages, either a brass cage (MR) or a special PEEK (TP) plastic cage that is high-temperature resistant and therefore suitable for the highest speeds.
Three types of rollers: Steel, special SHX heat resistant steel and ceramic.
Ring material: SUJ2 bearing steel, heat resistant SHX bearing steel.
  • Designation RS – rings and rollers made of SUJ2 bearing steel
  • Designation RX – rings and rollers made of heat resistant SHX steel
  • Designation RXH – rings made of heat resistant SHX steel and ceramic rollers
Accuracy – P5, P4, P2 according to ISO, P4Y special accuracy class
Narrow tolerance field – at the lower limit of tolerance field according to ISO
Radial clearance – CC1, standard for bearings with cylindrical bore, CC0, standard for bearings with tapered bore, CCG, special radial clearance.
The high-speed RXH design with ceramic balls can be used up to three million dm.
Bearing series: N10..

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Vysokorychlostní válečková jednořadá ložiska / Válečková vysokorychlostní L - High speed CRB
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