Ball Screws Support Bearings

Ložiska na podporu kuličkových šroubů

Precision angular contact thrust ball bearings for ball screw support were designed especially for individual aplications.

Single-row angular contact ball bearings

TAC C series, specially designed for machine tools. A large number of balls and a 60°contact angle provide high axial rigidity and make these bearings ideally suited to machine tool feeding mechanisms. These bearings can also be supplied with light-contact seals for high speed capabilities.
The colour of the seal is different on each side for easy identification of the bearing direction.
  • Universal arrangement
  • Long life
  • Low torque
  • Easy handling
  • High accuracy
331 Loiska na podporu kulikovch roub TAC
TAC 03 series for high-load drive application
Bigger balls and 55° contact angle offer a very compact design, extended service life and higher reliability for high loads.
  • Universal arrangement
  • Long life
  • Higher axial load capacity
  • Easy installation

Double-row angular contact ball bearings

BSBD series: double-row thrust angular contact (60°) bearings, in back-to-back arrangement with one outer ring.
All BSBD series bearings are equipped with a rubber contact seal and prepacked with high performance grease.
The bearings are designed for applications with high external loads or where high stiffness and long service life are required.
Ložiska na podporu kuličkových šroubů BSN
BSN type (ZKLN): These ball screw support bearings are doube-row angular contact thrust ball bearings in a back-to-back arrangement, with a single outer ring. The bearings are prepacked with high performance grease.
Lubrication holes allow for relubrication during operation if necessary.
The contact seal offers minimal friction and temperature rise while providing excellent sealing performance.
Ložiska na podporu kuličkových šroubů BSF
BSF type (ZKLF): Equivalent to the BSN range of bearings, with bolt holes on the outer ring for easy direct mounting.


NSK now manufactures its proven BSBD series of axial angular contact ball bearings in the company’s proprietary HPS standard for high precision bearings. HPS, which stands for ‘High Performance Standard’, means these new bearings offer higher load factors and are especially suitable for use as the support bearings for ball screw drives. Under the product name NSKHPS BSBD, the company expects the principal areas of application to be in machine tools and automated handling systems.
Ball screw drives from NSK perform highly accurate linear movements – such as the positioning of workpieces or the movement of tool axes – for many leading machine tool manufacturers. Here, BSBD axial angular contact ball bearings are ideal as the rotary bearing of the ball screw drive. This is thanks to their double row configuration and 60° contact angle, which means they can withstand high axial loads in both directions. BSBD bearings also offer the stiffness and accuracy required for modern precision machinery.
Now, with the introduction of NSKHPS BSBD bearings, load factors have been increased significantly beyond standard BSBD bearings, making them even more durable than before. Additional sizes have also been added to the range that now includes bore diameters from 12 to 60 mm in two different variants: With mounting holes for flange assembly (BSF) or without mounting holes (BSN, to be used in conjunction with a separate housing component).

Needle roller axial cylindrical roller bearings

High-precision needle roller thrust cylindrical roller bearings have two, double side-acting, axial cylindrical roller and cage assemblies, which are guided through a needle roller bearing on the radial side. These bearings are suitable for axial as well as radial loads and for supporting tilting moments. They are produced with holes in the outer ring for bolt fastening and a screwless design. These bearings are suitable for applications with high precision and rigidity, for screw drives to accommodate high axial loads and tilting moments.
AXZN series (ZARN) design with outer ring without mounting holes (not for screwing):
  • Also produced with an extended axial ring (designation L)
  • Accuracy P4 or P6
  • Radial clearance C2
  • Operating temperature -30°C to + 120°C
AXZF series (ZARF) design with mounting holes in outer ring.
  • Also produced with an extended axial ring (designation L)
  • Accuracy P4 or P6
  • Radial clearance C2
  • Operating temperature -30°C to + 120°C

More details in the catalogues:

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