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We offer the widest assortment of bearings and technical solutions.
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We deliver bearings to all metallurgical processes from the preparation of the raw material, through the smelting process, right up to the final rolled product. We are knowledgeable about reliable bearings for continuous casting machines, rolling mills, converters and conveyors.

Demanding processes require constant innovation, so we supply:

  • Special STF, WTF, SWR bearing steels, which significantly extend bearing life especially in harsh, contaminated environments
  • Various new types of seals for demanding operations
  • Special design of multi-row bearings

Material STF (Super TF)

STF is the specially developed bearing steel for high loading. It undergoes a unique heat treatment process developed by NSK to optimise the level of retained austenite in the bearing material. STF has a very fine-grained structure. This combination provides greater durability, especially during operation in contamined environments with insufficient lubrication.
The service life is extended compared to standard steel. It is five times longer in more contamined lubricant grease and approximately twice as long in less contamined lubricant grease.


DNV GL certifies NSK’s Super TF bearing material
Of direct relevance to the wind energy sector, international accredited registrar and classification society DNV GL has confirmed that roller and ball bearings made of NSK’s Super TF material exhibit significantly higher dynamic load ratings. Such is the effect of the higher load rating that bearing service life is effectively doubled in wind turbine applications. The verification confirmed NSK's published specifications and, in a Statement of Conformity on the 15 November 2017, certified that when Super TF is used, the basic dynamic load rating can be improved by 23% in roller bearings and 26% in ball bearings. This is equivalent to a doubling of bearing fatigue life in comparison with ordinary bearings.



Four-row tapered roller bearing STF in reversible quarto-stands displays a bearing life of 7,530 hours. This is about ten times longer than a standard bearing and about three to four times longer than other premium-brand bearings.

Material SWR

SWR (Super Wear Resistant) bearing steel is specially developed for continuous casting operations. The fine structure of evenly distributed carbides and carbonitrides significantly increases wear resistance. The controlled amount of residual austenite eliminates damage due to flaking, thus substantially prolonging bearing life. Increasing the core toughness against fracturing prevents cracks.

Test results:

Improved wear resistance – three times better than AISI 52100 bearing steel.
Extended flaking life – five times longer than to AISI 52100.
Extended crack operation time – five times longer than AISI 52100

Material WTF (Water TF)

WTF bearing steel is specially developed for rolling mill bearings. It ensures a longer bearing life by preventing premature flaking and cracking under severely contaminated conditions of water-infiltrated grease lubrication. The increased reliability and longer service life significantly reduce maintenance costs.

The results of a life test under contaminated lubrication conditions with grease, water and fine iron powder,

showed that WTF bearing life is three times longer than that of conventional bearings.
Demanding processes also require innovation in bearing design solutions. NSK offers a wide range of special bearings for the iron and steel industry:
Dělená soudečková ložiska pro čepy licích pánví
Ložisková tělesa NTN
We offer a wide range of bearing units made of various materials and in many different designs, as well as plummer blocks, which are characterised by high toughness and very easy assembly.
Mobilní hydraulický stahovák
Indukční ohřívač Betex Gigant
We are specialists in efficient and safe tools for bearing mounting and dismounting, as well as monitoring and diagnostics tools for controlling the operation of rotating parts. Our range of products and services can help you save on maintenance costs.
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