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SWR spherical roller bearings

SWR soudečková ložiska
New SWR material – highly wear-resistant (three times compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel). Lifetime is extended to five times the usual lifetime.
SWR bearings are dimensionally identical to standard spherical roller bearings that can be easily replaced.


Steel SWR was specially developed for continuous casting operations. The fine structure of evenly distributed carbonitrides significantly increases wear resistance. The controlled amount of residual austenite eliminates damage to the bearing by flaking, thus substantially extending bearing life. Improved toughness of the material core prevents cracks.
Test results:
Improved wear resistance – 3 x compared to AISI 52100 bearing steel.
Extending operating time without flaking – 5 x longer than AISI 52100.
Extending crack operation time – 5 x longer than AISI 52100
  • High wear resistance of material under: High load, high temperature, low speed and high contamination
  • High load
  • Long life
  • Higher reliability
  • Prevention of unexpected accidents
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
Applications include metallurgy and the steel industry

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SWR soudečková ložiska / SWR soudečková ložiska - SWR spherical roller bearings
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