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Thrust ball bearings

Single-direction and double-direction thrust ball bearings

Thrust ball bearings can sustain big axial loads, but no radial loads. These bearings have flat rings or an aligning seat washer beneath the housing washer in order to compensate for shaft misalignment or mounting error.
These bearings must be permanently axially loaded with a certain minimum load.
Schéma axiální kuličkové ložisko 2
Schéma axiální kuličkové ložisko obousměrné
Thrust bb
Axiální kuličkové ložisko jednosměrné
Single-direction thrust ball bearings are composed of washer-like bearing rings with raceway grooves. The ring attached to the shaft is called the shaft washer (or inner ring), while the ring attached to the housing is called the housing washer (or outer ring). These bearings can only carry axial loads in one direction and are not suitable for high speeds.
Axiální kuličkové ložisko obousměrné
Double-direction thrust ball bearings have three rings, with the middle one (centre ring) fixed to the shaft. Two ball cages are situated between the centre ring and two housing rings. They can carry axial loads in both directions at low speeds, but no radial loads.
Bearing series: 51...,, 52..., 53..., 54...

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Axiální kuličková ložiska / Axiální kuličková ložiska - Thrust ball bearings
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