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Bushings, thrust washers and strips

Kluzná pouzdra
These bearings provide sliding movement and are designed for dry running, are space-saving and good value.
The bushings transmit radial loads and allow rotary, oscillatory and linear movement. Thrust washers transfer axial loads in rotational and oscillating motion; sliding strips are used for flat linear guides, or even for oscillating and rotary movements.

Three-layer bearings made of a metal strip with a thin Teflon PTFE sliding layer

These work dry, without lubrication, have a high loading capacity and sliding speed. They are also suitable for higher operating temperatures. They are very resistant to their environment.  Use caution when setting to avoid damaging the thin sliding layer. Bushings, washers and strips are produced from this material.

Three-layer bearings made of a metal strip with POM composite sliding layer

There are the gaps in the composite which are used to retain lubricant, meaning the bearings are almost maintenance-free after lubrication. During installation only minimal lubrication is required. Bushings have a high loading capacity and sliding speed. They are very resistant to their environment. Use caution before setting to avoid damaging the thin sliding layer. Bushings, washers and strips are produced from this material.
These two bearing types (PTFE and POM layer) have a broad range of applications: Automobiles, handling technology, construction, agricultural and textile machinery, lifts, hydraulic pumps and domestic appliances.

Self-lubricating porous bushings

These are produced by powder metallurgy of metallic materials of different granulometric composition. The resulting porous bushing is impregnated with oil which is released during operation. These bearings are self-lubricating and maintenance-free. Self-lubricating porous bearings have a high sliding speed and long operating life. They are produced in cylindrical, flanged and spherical designs and are used mostly in electrical machines, printing machines and machine tools.

Solid bronze bushings

These are suitable for lower speed applications or for more demanding environments. Solid bronze bushings are very resistant to dirt, corrosion and shaft inaccuracies. They carry high loads and are suitable for rotational and linear movement. The grooves on the inner sliding surface of the bearing serve to retain the lubricant and gradually lubricate. Solid bronze bushings  are used in construction and agricultural machinery, transport equipment and the paper industry.

Sliding bushings made of solid bronze with graphite

These are designed for very high loads at low speeds. The embedded graphite nests are equally spaced in a solid bronze bushing and gradually release a special graphite lubricant. For this reason, these bearings are suitable for maintenance-free applications and very high or very low temperatures.

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Kluzná pouzdra / Kluzná pouzdra - Bushings
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