Ball linear guides – with wide rail

Lineární vedení se širokou kolejnicí

NSK ball linear guide with wide rail, LW series

Designed for precision engineering, material handling and more. Thanks to the wide rail, rigidity and load-carrying capacity are high compared to the moment load from the rolling direction. This makes the LW series ideal for a single rail, compact linear guideway system.
The contact angle is set at 50 degrees, increasing load carrying capacity as well as rigidity in vertical direction.
With a high resistance against impact loads, this series is produced in three classes of accuracy, PN–P5. Using the lubrication and sealing unit K1 ensures long-term maintenance-free operation and extends the service life.
This product is readily available in our stock.

IKO ball linear guide with wide rail, F series

This is a linear motion rolling guide resistant to moment load and complex load. Select the optimal product for the specifications of your machine and device, with three types of slide unit shape, including two flange types with different dimensional series and a block type with small width. This is also available in stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.

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kuličkové lineární vedení se širokou kolejnicí / Kuličkové LV se širokou kolejnicí - Wide rail ball LG
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