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Insulated bearings

Ball and roller bearings with a special ceramic or PPS-resin coating are designed especially for industrial motors, generators, traction motors and wind energy applications.
These bearings have been developed to prevent electric pitting of the bearing.
Izolované ložisko s keramickým povlakem
Izolované ložisko s PPS povlakem
The relationship between bearing temperature and insulation resistance of ceramic-insulated bearings was assessed and no deterioration of insulation resistance was observed up to 110°C. Even above 110°C, 100 MΩ of resistance was maintained.

Advantages of insulated bearings:

  • High precision
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low friction
  • Resistance to vibration
  • Electrically insulated
  • High reliability
  • Long operating life
Bearings with insulated coating are supplied in standard sizes, so there is no need for the bore to be specially prepared.

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Ložiska izolovaná / Ložiska izolovaná - Insulated bearings
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