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Double-row spherical roller bearings

Double-row spherical roller bearings are suitable for large radial loads. They can also take some axial loads in either direction. They are usable for medium speeds. Double-row spherical roller bearings have spherical raceways in the outer ring for both rows of rollers. Therefore, they are self-aligning within wide limits and can accept minor misalignment.
Dvouřadé soudečkové ložisko utěsněné
Schéma soudečkového ložiska
Spherical b
To achieve simpler and more efficient lubrication, double-row spherical roller bearings (except Type 213) can also be supplied with a peripheral lubrication groove in the middle of the outer ring and with lubrication holes (additional designation E4). Most of the bearing types are produced in this construction. For bigger types, it is possible to offer lubrication through both the outer and inner ring (additional designation E7).

Cage types:

  • C, CD – pressed steel cage
  • EA – pressed steel nitrided cage without guide ring. Bearings have bigger rollers and an optimised internal design to achieve higher speeds and higher loads
  • CAM – machined brass cage guided on the inner ring (higher speed and load capacity)
Double-row spherical roller bearings are produced with a cylindrical or tapered bore. Bearing types 240... and 241... with tapered bore, have hole conicity 1:30 (additional designation K30). For all other tapered hole types, the hole has a taper of 1:12 (K). Double-row spherical roller bearings are mounted either directly on a tapered shaft or cylindrical shaft using adapters or withdrawal sleeves.
Spherical roller bearings are very often used for heavy loads and in cases where their self-aligning is an advantage.
Bearing series: 213..., 222..., 223..., 230..., 231..., 232..., 239..., 240..., 241...

HPS spherical roller bearings

HPS soudečková ložiska
Spherical roller bearings are used in the most demanding industrial applications. The advanced design of HPS bearings greatly increases the technological possibilities of spherical roller bearings and offers high load capacity, maximum speed and higher reliability.
HPS bearings are temperature stabilised up to 200°C, made of special ultra-clean steel in a wide range of sizes from 40 to 260 mm bore diameter. HPS spherical roller bearings are produced with brass cages (CAM) or reinforced steel nitrided cages (EA), for increasing load-bearing capacity. These bearings achieve up to twice the service life in comparison with conventional spherical roller bearings and result in greatly reduced maintenance costs.
HPS spherical roller bearings for demanding operations are popular in the steel and paper industries, for use in compressors, pumps and many other heavy industry sectors.


  • Dynamic load capacity increased by up to 25%
  • Limiting speed up to 20% higher
  • Working temperature up to 200°C
  • Up to double the operating life
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

Special resistant bearing steels:

STF steel (Super-TF)
Specially developed steel for high-load bearings with higher austenite content and special heat treatment. It has a very fine structure. This combination provides greater durability in dirty environments with insufficient lubrication.
Super-TF steel provides a significantly longer service life under heavily contaminated operating conditions: Approximately five times longer, or twice the usual service life when grease is less contaminated.

More details in the catalogues:

Dvouřadá soudečková ložiska / Soudečková dvouřadá L - Double row SRB
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