Induction-hardened and ground linear shafts – stainless steel

Material:               X46Cr13, X90CrMoV18
Tolerance:             h6
Hardness:              55 +/- 2 HRC
Diameter:              5 – 60 mm,   1/4 – 21/4“
  • WRB – material X46Cr13 (W1.4034), metric diamensions; WRBZ – material X46Cr13, inch diamensions
  • WRA – material X90CrMoV18, (W1.4112 ) metric diamensions; WRAZ - material X90CrMoV18, inch diamensions
  • WRC – material X105CrMo17 (W1.4125)
  • WRBV - material X46Cr13, metric diamensions, chrome-plated, with high anti-corrosion properties

More details in the catalogue:

přesné kruhové vodící tyče nerezové / přesné kruhové vodící tyče nerezové - Stainless steel shafts
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