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Industrial gearboxes

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Our warehouses and those of our suppliers contain a wide range of bearings.

Ložiska NSK
Our range of gearbox types is constantly expanding, with different sizes and functions, as well as gearboxes designed for various complex conditions. When selecting a suitable bearing type, we always take into account the special operating conditions at the bearing’s destination:
Ložiska pro převodovky
We offer an innovative TF bearing series made from special bearing steel, offering a significantly extended bearing life, especially in contaminated environments.
Kuželíková ložiska NSK
We supply various designs of metric and inch, tapered roller bearings. Our special bearings for demanding conditions combine long service life with an excellent resistance to humidity and contaminated environments.
HPS soudečková ložiska
HPS spherical roller bearings feature a progressive, optimised internal design and special tough materials, doubling operating life in comparison to conventional products.
Válečková ložiska NSK
EM/EW cyllindrical roller bearings, with a larger number of rollers than standard types, achieve higher load capacity and excellent performance in vibration devices.

Cyllindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings for large gearboxes

Obří kuželíkové ložisko s povrchovou úpravou
For the most demanding applications, we offer high load capacity tapered and cylindrical roller bearings made of special materials. These bearings have a long service life and significantly extended inspection intervals, even in very contaminated processes with insufficient lubrication.
  • EW/EM cylindrical roller bearings with innovative internal design
  • Spherical roller bearings made of special TF steels and CAM cages
  • Taper roller bearings made of special TF steels
  • Bearings with special anticorrosive coating
Benefits of innovated bearings
  • Extremely tough, with crack resistance
  • Higher load capacity
  • Low noise
  • Higher resistance
  • Extended bearing life
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Example of solving bearings defects in a wind turbine gearboxes

Fail description: Cracking - White etching crack (WEC). Flaking - White Structure Flaking (WCF). The appearance of white cracks on the surface of rings and raceways, but also deep inside the material, white structure flaking.
Target: Eliminate this defect and achieve a wind turbine gearbox lifetime of 20 years
Solution: Newly developed material AWS-TF
(High purity material + special heat treatment + residual austenite control)
A new bearing steel was developed, which has a homogeneous structure that significantly reduces cracking. The material tougness was improved by applying a new heat treatment and a special coating was used for even greater protection against external influences. As a result, the lifetime of wind turbine gearbox is up to seven times longer. Check out the AWS-TF Brochure.

Tools for bearing mounting and dismounting

We are specialists in efficient and safe tools for bearing mounting and dismounting, as well as monitoring and diagnostics tools for controlling the operation of rotating parts. Our range of products and services can help you save on maintenance costs.

Indukční ohřívač Betex 24 RSD TURBO
Hydraulické stahováky HSP
Převodovky / Výrobci převodovek

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