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Linear bushing units

Kuličkový lineární set SMA
Linear bushing units consist of houses and linear ball bushings.
Houses can be machined or cast, made of various materials – such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel or plastic in various shapes, with adjustable clearance, metric and inch designs.
All types are characterised by their high accuracy, low weight and easy assembly, meaning they have low construction costs.
  • SMA, AK   – standard types made of aluminium alloy            
  • SMP – self-aligning, absorb inaccuracy
  • SMJ, SWJ – clearance-adjustment is possible
  • SME, SMD, SWD – open types of housings
  • RBW – made of ABS resin for lightweight design

Topball linear units by NB

Topball linear bushing (self-aligning and high load capacity) in housing
  • TKA, TKA-W, TKE, TKE-W – Metric series
  • TWA, TWA-W, TWJ, TWJ-W – Inch series
  • CE, CD – Unit consists of shaft, linear unit and shaft support rail. Easy to use.

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kuličkové lineární sety / kuličkové lineární sety - Linear bushing units
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