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Special NSK grease units for ball screws and linear guides

Speciální maziva NSK
NSK greases have been specially developed for each type of linear guide, ball screw and bearing.
NSK provides various types of grease units that you can choose according to their use:
  • in high-load environments
  • in high temperature environments
  • in clean environments
  • in low temperature environments, under low loads
  • in higher vibration environments
NSK greases are most often supplied as compact and easy-to-use lubrication units ready for immediate use. NSK provides compact, hand-operated grease pumps and a wide variety of nozzles that enable you to easily apply grease to guiding and feeding parts. You can easily attach a tube container to the pump. The name of the grease being used is on the bottom of the tube container and containers are colour-coded to make it easier to identify the type of grease after the container is attached to the pump.
The greases can also be supplied in larger pack sizes of 5 and 10 kg.

NSK grease types

AS2 – Tube colour: Brown – Widely used for high load applications.
AS2 is a mineral oil base containing lithium thickener and several additives. It not only maintains good lubrication over a long period of time, but also demonstrates superb water retention capabilities. Even containing a large amount of water, it does not lose grease when it is softened.
Use temperature range: -10°C to +110°C
This is a standard grease for general NSK linear guides, ball screws and monocarriers. It is favoured in many applications because of its high base oil viscosity, high load resistance and stability.
LR3 – Tube colour: Green – Used for high-speed, medium load and high temperatures.
LR3 contains a special synthetic oil and a carefully selected antioxidation agent. This grease dramatically increases lubrication life at high temperatures. Lubrication life exceeded 2000 hours in the endurance test at 150°C. It displays excellent rust-prevention capacity in severe conditions such as water and moist environments.
Use temperature range: -30°C to +130°C
LR3 is a standard grease for ball screws of type PSS, FSS and VFA. It is ideal for operation with medium load, and at high speeds, such as positioning in high tact material handling equipment.
LG2 – Tube colour: Blue – Grease for clean environments, with high rust resistance
Mineral oil base with synthetic hydrocarbon oil and lithium soap thickener.
Use temperature range: -20°C to +70°C
Grease for linear guides and ball screws for semiconductor and liquid crystal display (LCD) processing equipment, which require a highly clean environment.
LGU – Tube colour: Yellow – Exclusive lubrication urea grease for clean conditions.
Use temperature range: -30°C to +120°C
Grease for ball screws and linear guides that are installed in equipment that requires cleanliness, like the LG2 grease. Can be used in a high temperature range.
PS2 – Tube colour: Orange.
The major base oil component is synthetic oil with mineral oil. PS2 is an excellent lubricant, especially for low-temperature operation, for high speeds and light loads.
Use temperature range: -50°C to +110°C
PS2 is a standard grease for NSK miniature linear guides and ball screws. Ideal for small equipment with light loads.
NF2 – Tube colou: Grey – High-grade synthetic oil as the base oil and urea base organic compounds as the thickener.
This grease has remarkable anti-fretting corrosion properties. It can be used in a wide temperature range and has superior lubrication life.
Use temperature range: -40°C to +100°C
This grease is suitable for ball screws and linear guides, including oscillating operations and impacts.
NS7 – Tube colour: Yellow-green.
Grease with remarkably low torque, on ester oil base with lithium soap as thickener. It can be used in a wide temperature range and has universal application. One of the standard greases used in NSK ball bearings.
Use temperature range: -40°C to +130°C
NSL – Tube colour: Purple.
Grease has anti-fretting properties and superb torque characteristics (low torque) for-high speed operation. The base oil is synthetic hydrocarbon oil and ester oil with lithium soap as a thickener.
Use temperature range: -40°C to +130°C

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