Ball linear guides – Standard dimensions

Kuličkové lineární vedení standardní

NSK ball linear guides NH/NS series (formerly LH/LS)

can be used in numerous industrial applications and material handling.
The series stands out thanks to its high vertical loading capacity.
Its construction allows the linear guide to accept some errors during installation.
Rails and ball slides are supplied separately and are therefore interchangeable. They are normally delivered without clearance.
This ball linear guide is characterised by a super-long life and high speed. A wide selection of types is available. Using the lubrication and sealing unit K1 ensures long-term maintenance-free operation and extends the service life.
  • High accuracy
  • Extremely high load rating (30% higher than LH/LS)
  • High speed (to 300 m/min)
  • Long life (two times longer than LH/LS)
  • Wide selection of types
  • Good stock availability
The NH/NS series also replaced the older SH/SS series.

NSK ball linear guides, HA/HS series

Suitable for equipment ranging from machine tools to high-precision instruments. This linear guide with an extra-long ball slide displays high rigidity and high motion accuracy. Using the lubrication and sealing unit K1 ensures long-term maintenance-free operation and extends the service life.
  • High accuracy
  • Low friction
  • High load capacity
  • Compact design – high rigidity

IKO ball linear guides, ME series

A compact and versatile series of ball linear guides produced in 18 different models. Two shapes of slide unit, flange type and block type (with small width), and three types with different slide unit length with same section are available. A stainless-steel version is also available. High accuracy and quiet, smooth motion are guaranteed, and the C-Lube system makes for maintenance-free operation. We offer you technical support when selecting the most suitable model for your application. 
  • Compactness
  • Versatility
  • Accuracy
  • Wide range of models


IKO ball linear guides, E series

Variant of the ME series without the C-Lube system.

E series with reduced noise (Q) by IKO

Variant of the series E (without C-Lube), plus reduced noise.

IKO ball linear guide, MV series

Ball linear guide with extremely low profile and extremely low weight. Despite these characteristics, the MV linear guide achieves maximum load capacity. It has a long life and maintenance-free operation thanks to the integrated lubrication system C-Lube.
  • Extra low profile
  • Extra low weight
  • Hight load capacity
  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free operation

IKO ball linear guide MH series

High rigidity linear motion rolling guides designed to evenly support high load capacity by incorporating large-diameter balls. This series is produced in 19 models. You can select the optimal product for the specifications of your machine and device, with five types of slide unit shape including the flange type, block type, small width and side mounting type, as well as three types with different slide unit lengths. There is also a stainless steel version available. The multi-sealing system provides excellent dust protection and the integrated C-Lube lubrication system allows for maintenance-free operation.
  • High rigidity
  • High load capacity
  • High dust resistance
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Long life
  • Stainless steel
  • Wide range of models

IKO ball linear guides, H series

Variant of the MH series without the C-Lube system.

IKO ball linear guide, MUL series

MUL series is made of linear motion rolling guides adopting the U-shaped track rail to greatly increase track rail rigidity under moment load and torsion. A high-carbon, steel track rail can be additionally machined  at the user’s facility, to fix mechanical components such as a driving mechanism on the track rail. The main metal components, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, are available for 25 mm and 30 mm track rail width. The integrated lubrication system C-Lube allows maintenance-free operation.

IKO ball linear guides, U series

Variant of the MUL series without the C-Lube system.

More details in the catalogues:

kuličkové lineární vedení standardních rozměrů / Kuličkové LV standardních rozměrů - Standard diamensions ball LG
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