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Needle roller cages

Jehlové klece
The low profile of needle cages allows space-saving and lightweight construction.
Needle roller cages are useful in small spaces when combined with shafts and housing bores that are heat treated and accurately ground, as raceway surfaces.
A favourable ratio of  needle roller length to diameter results in their high load capacity and rigidity.
Needle roller cages display excellent rotational performance and high shock loads resistance. The cylindrical surface of needles is slightly rounded at the ends to avoid stress peaks.
Needle roller cages are produced in many sizes and different designs and used in a wide range of applications.
Bearing series: K ..x..x.., KT ..x..x.., KTW ..x..x.. (ZW), KT...EG, KTV...EG, KJ..x..x..,  KMJ..x..x..,

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jehlové klece / Jehlové klece - Needle roller cages
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