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Ložiska NSK
  • We focus on the premium quality brands, supplying top Japanese and European products
  • We have long-term experience with individual, tailored customer support
  • We work in close cooperation with experienced engineers from leading manufacturers
  • We provide deliveries to manufacturers of paper machines as well as deliveries for repairs in papermaking factories

A wide range of common and special bearings for paper operations

Ložiska pro sušící válce
TL (tough & long life) spherical roller bearings have been specially designed for drying cylinders in paper machines, which operate at extremely high temperatures.
HPS soudečková ložiska
HPS spherical roller bearings guarantee high load capacity and speed. They are stabilised to 200°C.
Válečková ložiska NSK
For the most demanding paper mill applications we offer high-capacity spherical, tapered and cylindrical roller bearings made from special materials. They have a long service life and significantly extend inspection intervals even in very contaminated areas with low lubricity.
EM/EW cylindrical roller bearings with a larger number of rollers than standard types achieve higher load capacity and excellent performance in vibration devices.
Ložiska s tuhým mazivem
Designed to be maintenance-free, NSK Molded-Oil bearings provide excellent performance in water and dust-contaminated environments. Oil is released from the internal Molded-Oil system on demand and there is no need for relubrication.
Ložisková jednotka SNR
We offer a wide range of bearing units made of various materials and in many different designs, as well as plummer blocks, which are characterised by high toughness and very easy assembly.
We are specialists in efficient and safe tools for bearing mounting and dismounting, as well as monitoring and diagnostics tools for controlling the operation of rotating parts. Our range of products and services can help you save on maintenance costs.
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Leaders in our industry

We strive to offer you the technically optimal solution in the shortest possible time. We save you costs and we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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Stock value of more than 3.5 million EUR

Our stock range is built according to the specific needs of our customers and market requirements, so we always deliver on time.
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Deliveries from the warehouse within 24 hours

We modify (cut and finish) and deliver linear guides for MRO within 24 hours.

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25 years of experience

You can rely on our specialist technical knowledge and skills.
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Professional technical support

Our experienced technical team is always on-hand for customer queries and support.
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Product quality and origin guarantee

Because we cooperate with world-leading manufacturers, we are always able to document the origin of our stock, guarantee quality and guarantee its parameters.

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Emergency service 24/7

We provide our contracted customers with a 24/7 delivery service.

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