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Hydraulic cylinders

BETEX hydraulic cylinders are designed for demanding industrial and construction applications. All BETEX cylinder types meet strict, global safety standards. These hydraulic cylinders are produced in a very wide range of designs, so they can be used everywhere. Stop rings, hard chrome-plated piston rods and heavy-duty cylinder bodies guarantee a long life, saving time and costs.
Hydraulické válce
Durable construction
  • Hard chrome-plated inner surfaces
  • Top ring at piston end
  • Very durable cylinder design
Wide selection of BETEX hydraulic cylinders:
  • Single acting with spring return
  • Single acting with spring return, low height
  • Single acting with spring return and lock nut
  • Single acting with spring return and lock nut, low height
  • Aluminium single acting with lock nut
  • Double acting
  • Double acting cylinder, hollow
  • Aluminium single acting cylinder, hollow
  • Aluminium double acting cylinder, hollow
High variability of stroke and hydraulic cylinder capacity – see catalogue.

More details in the catalogue:

hydraulické válce / hydraulické válce - Hydraulic cylinders
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