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The NSK Toughcarrier is a special solution for linear motion; a complete unit containing linear roller guide, ball screw and ball screw support bearings.
It contains a lubrication and sealing unit K1, which ensures maintenance-free operation and long service life.
It is designed for a particularly high load, which was achieved by changing the rolling elements from balls to rollers. Toughcarrier achieves four times higher value of load and rigidity than Monocarier.
These units are ready for immediate installation in machine tools, robot manipulators, assembly and welding lines in the automotive industry or measuring equipment.
Toughcarrier and Monocarrier units are designed for high-precision and repeatable positioning applications, often found in automated production facilities. Both types of actuators have an exceptionally compact design and are lightweight, while the surfaces of slides and raceways ensure excellent corrosion resistance. Since all the required components – the ball screw, the support bearings and the linear guides – are already in the units, they are quick to install.
A key feature is that the customer can decide on a case-by-case basis which series they prefer without the need for design modifications. This is because the Toughcarrier and Monocarrier MCH have the same external dimensions and are fully interchangeable.
On the drive side of Toughcarrier, an angular contact ball bearing is used as a support bearing for the ball screw, while a standard ball bearing with increased load capacity is used at the other end of the screw. The slides therefore run freely, without any resistance.
The K1 lubrication system, developed by NSK, is used to lubricate the linear unit for operation without the need for maintenance. A cover is available for the drive screw shaft to provide greater reliability in dusty environments.
Toughcarrier linear units, supplied as pre-assembled motion axes with three basic slider sizes, are available in lengths from 150–1380 mm and in many guide variants. The units can be driven by a toothed belt or a directly connected motor.

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