Spindle ball bearings – high-precision series

Kuličkové ložisko vřetenové vysokorychlostní

Ultra-high-speed spindle bearings ROBUST series


These are high-performance bearings developed for high-speed operation with low temperature increase. Suitable for ultra-high-precision machining applications, and ultra-high-speed applications. They are produced with a contact angle of 18˚ (BNR) and 25˚ (BER), with steel balls (S type) and ceramic balls (H and X type), with various cage designs – phenolic (T), polyamide (TYN), brass (MY) or special PEEK (TS) – and as open types or with non-contact seals (V1V). The ROBUST series is also made of heat resistant SHX steel, which ensures a longer operating life. Bearings are available in various precision classes and various preloads, in pairs, triplets or quadruplets.
The ROBUST series also can be used for ultra-high-speed applications of over three million dmn.
Bearing series: ..BNR19, ..BER19, ..BNR10, ..BER10, ..BNR29, ..BER29, ..BNR20, ..BER20
ROBUST X series – inner and outer ring material: SHX high-temperature resistant steel, ceramic balls
ROBUST H series – inner and outer ring material: SUJ2 bearing steel, ceramic balls
ROBUST E series – inner and outer ring material: SUJ2 bearing steel, steel balls with extra-long operating life
ROBUST S series – inner and outer ring material: SUJ2, bearing steel, steel balls
Kuličkové ložisko vřetenové vysokorychlostní ROBUSTSHOT

RobustShot Series – inner and outer ring material: SUJ2 bearing steel, ceramic balls. Direct air-oil lubrication via a through-hole in the outer ring in order to achieve the highest speeds. Lubrication groove with O-rings in the outer ring (E34).


Kuličkové ložisko vřetenové Sursave
NSK has developed new ultra-high-speed angular contact ball bearings using the new “SURSAVE" cage for the main spindle of machine tools. 
This cage is applied to the NSK ROBUST series of ultra-high-speed angular contact bearings. The newly developed “SURSAVE” cage achieved low NRRO (non-repeatable runout), low heat generation and high-speed performance. Reduction of NRRO improves the process surface quality and reduction of heat generation helps to suppress thermal displacement. 
  • Optimised internal design
  • Lower vibration and runout of the cage
  • Reduce NRRO* by half
  • 20% reduction of heat generation compared to conventional bearings under high-speed conditions
  • 20% faster than conventional bearings

Ultra-high-speed angular contact ball bearings – Spinshot series

High-performance bearings developed for high-speed operation with low temperature rise.  Suitable for ultra-high-precision machining applications, and ultra-high-speed applications.
Contact angles: 18˚ (BNR), 25˚ (BER). Ceramic balls, various types of cages, open or with non-contact seals (V1V).
Special oil-air Spinshot lubrication system for ultra-high-speed and low noise.
Bearing series: ..BNR19XE, ..BER19XE, ..BNR10XE, ..BER10XE
kuličkové ložisko vřetenové vysokorychlostní BSR

Ultra-high-precision angular contact ball bearings – BSR series

High performance bearings developed specifically for internal grinding or high-speed motor applications under spring preload.
Bore size range: Diameter 6–25 mm.
Contact angle: 15˚.
Ceramic balls, open or with non-contact seals (V1V).
Non-separable type, precision class P2 (ABEC 9).
Universal combinations (DU and SU).
Bearing series: ..BSR19, ..BSR10, ..BSR02,  

More details in the catalogue:

Kuličková ložiska vřetenová vysokorychlostní / Kuličková ložiska vřetenová vysokorychlostní - High precision spindle ball bearings
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